Resources to Find Out More About the Farm Bill

April 26, 2012

The Family Farm Defenders today posted a couple of good resources for understanding the Farm Bill:

  • The Farm Bill Primer website is full of statistics and graphics about the distribution of funds in the Farm Bill, including Agriculture Committee maps, with information about the committee members.
  • Path to the 2012 Farm Bill, a resource website of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, has a summary of the Senate Farm Bill’s draft and the impact on Local Food and Rural Development initiatives, as well as other regular updates and guest posts by experts.

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  1. Leigh Slayden
    Leigh Slayden: #farmBill challenge is greater than ever &amp; Congress needs to hear direct from more farmers. Members can write letters during #NFU2013

  2. Brad Wilson
    Brad Wilson: @lsilverbush @PlaceAtTheTable My review of the #FarmBill part of the review is explained at your link, (but awaiting moderation).

  3. Brad Wilson
    Brad Wilson: @lsilverbush @PlaceAtTheTable That's great, but, sadly, the #FarmBill solution is 1 of zero Price Floors, cheap #corn, #soy for junk food.

  4. Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose: Decision makers need to get their acts together and the rest of the country needs to speak up. #Sequester #farmbill