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December 22, 2011

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Food Rights Network

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  1. Food Rights Network
    Food Rights Network: Michael Schmidt's Ontario farm has been raided again: http://t.co/2pyL1ECt #rawmilk #foodrights

  2. Food Rights Network
    Food Rights Network: .@Cargill CEO Greg Page shares "how to ensure the world's food supply" @washingtonpost Great… <sarcasm> http://t.co/nH0atlqp #GMOs #Africa

  3. Food Rights Network
    Food Rights Network: MT @PaulAtPAN: #Big6 pesticidemakers biggest contributors to anti-GMO labeling campaign in CA http://t.co/hGhfdYHY #CaRightToKnow

  4. Food Rights Network
    Food Rights Network: @PaulAtPAN 3 #CA #dems endorsed the #Big6 opposition to the #GMOlabeling proposition, 1 took $ from #Monsanto http://t.co/1P7MAjpe

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  1. Sean Gibbons
    Sean Gibbons: Just discovered #chiswick farmers market. I'm very happy. Got me some #rawmilk and the makings of lovely dinner. Pity @Elletothet isn't here

  2. Dolly
    Dolly: I want to eat healthy and exercise harder. Another determination http://t.co/LhDbcxvh #GetGlueHD #RawMilk

  3. little bubalishka
    little bubalishka: The most yummiest creamiest freshest raw cows milk. #rawmilk http://t.co/qzH1A4qq

  4. Angela Doss
    Angela Doss: It's Date Night @ Ventura County jail, where my boyfriend & I just visited #rawmilk man James Stewart #Rawesome #Farmageddon #foodrights