Raw Milk in the News

December 15, 2011

  • Raw Milk Hits Mainstream Media: Raw milk and raw milk activism is prominently featured in recent stories by ABC News (12/15) and Bloomberg (12/5).
  • Maine Dairy Farmers Sell Organic Raw Milk at Farmers’ Markets and as “Top Rung” Quality Organic Milk to Cooperatives (Boston Globe, 12/14). More about the city of Portland, Maine’s battle over whether or not to allow raw milk sales at farmers’ markets is here (Portland Examiner, 12/7).
  • Wisconsin Citizens Speak Out on Behalf of Raw Milk Farmer Vernon Herschberger (Rock River Times, 12/14). David Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog also summarizes Herschberger’s case as well as Pennsylvania Amish farmer Dan Allgyers (12/9). Herschberger’s charges were announced by the media before he received a summons. Meanwhile, the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, a local division of the national right-wing lobbying front for big agribusiness and agribusiness-related industries that works to defeat labor and environmental initiatives, the American Farm Bureau Federationwent on record opposing direct sales of raw milk.
  • “New Jersey Raw Milk Vote Expected Soon (New Jersey Herald, 12/14)
  • Raw Milk Freedom Rider Max Kane Interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio (12/8). Organizer Kathy Pirtle was also interviewed on the Wisconsin Radio Network (12/8).
  • “British Columbia Raw Milk Co-op Loses Latest Court Challenge(CBC News, 12/7)
  • Organic Pastures Dairy Could “Restart Raw Milk Production Soon(Fresno Bee, 12/6)

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  1. Karianna
    Karianna: @badgercatholic from one Badger to another, you'd think that Wisconsin would be more #RawMilk friendly.

  2. Kitty Antonik Wakfer
    Kitty Antonik Wakfer: If U didn't catch this last Oct about WI Judge who ruled against #rawmilk & then quit 2 work 4 #Monsanto law firm: http://t.co/4ljg147A #gov

  3. Sean Nienow
    Sean Nienow: Somebody just offered to deliver #RawMilk to me, from Wisconsin. I Suppose this now merits an undercover FBI sting.... #MNLeg #FB

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