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October 19, 2011

  • Michael Schultz’s Hunger Strike Moves Into Third Week As He Tries to Arrange Meeting with Ontario Premier, Despite Facing More Charges (10/18): The Weston A. Price Foundation has provided a way to contact Schultz to express support (scroll to the bottom of the article for the email address) and Schultz shared his letter to Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty, with David Gumpert yesterday. He says a meeting with McGuinty, to “find a way of ensuring that. . . the right to buy food direct from a farmer… is respected,” would end his hunger strike. In the meantime, authorities from the Grey Bruce Health Unit announced Monday that Schmidt faces additional charges “after laboratory tests confirmed milk distributed at a rally last week was unpasteurized.”
  • Wisconsin Judge Fiedler Quit to Work for Firm that Defended Monsanto: The judge that “recently ruledthat we have no right to own a cow or drink its milk resigned to join one of Monsanto’s law firms,” according to theHouston Free Thinkers (10/17). He “now works for Axley Brynelson, LLP, which defended Monsanto against a patent infringement case filed by Australian firm, Genetic Technologies, Ltd. (GTL) in early 2010.”
  • Despite a Pending Ban on Raw Milk Sales, Irish Raw Milk Producer Wins Award: David Tiernan, a dairy farmer from Dunleer, Co Louth who produces raw milk and also produces Glebe Brethan raw milk cheese, won the annual food award from Euro-Toques Ireland, announced by Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture Shane McEntee who said he was “happy to present the award to David as a quality dairy farmer despite their differences in relation to the sale of raw milk” (10/17).
  • Raw Milk Farmers in Mendocino County Introduce Food Sovereignty Resolution to County Board of SupervisorsAccording to The Willits News (10/12), raw goats’ milk farmers Sara Grusky and Michael Foley of Green Uprising Farm, “which has been served with a cease-and-desist order by the state Department of Food and Agriculture, asked members of the [Mendocino County] board of supervisors for their support last week.” Grusky said, “We have drafted a resolution that I will submit to you, and I personally extend an invitation to all of you to come visit our farm.” She indicated it would be similar to that recently passed by Santa Cruz County. Mendocino County Agriculture Commissioner Tony Linegar “told The Willits News he wants to help work out solutions for local dairy-share operations.”

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      Badger Catholic: @CaffdCatholicMa It boggles my mind that milk is an illegal substance in the dairy state #rawmilk #wipolitics

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      Karianna: @badgercatholic from one Badger to another, you'd think that Wisconsin would be more #RawMilk friendly.

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