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October 26, 2011

  • Michael Schmidt, Four Weeks into Raw Milk Hunger Strike, “Tired But Well”: David Gumpert reports (10/23) that Schmidt’s life hangs in the balance, but that he is still fighting, and that his fight marks “an important turning point in the food rights movement.” Even Yahoo!News commented (10/14) on the spotlight his hunger strike has put on raw milk. Watch Schmidt’s message to his supporters here:

  • Max Kane Calls Out the FDA: Will they show up on Tuesday, November 1st, to enforce the raw milk interstate commerce law against the moms calling themselves the “Raw Milk Freedom Riders”?  (Natural News 10/21) Watch Kane try to alert the FDA here:

  • Petition to Legalize Raw Milk Sales on the Federal Level: The Examiner reports (10/19) the creation of a petition stating, in part, “Give the people the freedom to choose whether drinking raw milk products is right for them by enabling the legalized sale and distribution of raw milk products across all states.”
  • New Zealand Discusses Raw Milk Law Exemptions for “Farm Gate” Sales: “Selling small quantities of raw milk direct to people at the farm gate is a long standing tradition and there is support for that to continue,” Food Safety Minister Kate Wilkinson says. “At present, the law lets farmers sell a daily maximum of five litres of raw milk from their farm to people to drink and give to their family. The discussion document focuses on how to provide for limited sales of raw milk for drinking, as the Government is not proposing to allow commercial-scale sale of this product at this time.” (Scoop Parliament, New Zealand’s Independent News Media, 10/21)

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  • 1. World News  |  December 4, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    I do enjoy the manner in which you have framed this issue .

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